Conservation Planning Project

A unique approach

Presently there is no systematically planned, coordinated or prioritised conservation strategy to ensure the long-term sustainability and biodiversity of the entire Southwest Australia Ecoregion, which is subject to ad hoc planning and prioritisation across a variety of jurisdictions. The Southwest Australia Ecoregion Initiative recognises that the protection of the region’s unique values requires better coordinated strategies between government agencies and non-government organisations that address conservation of both private and public land.

What is Systematic Conservation Planning?

This is an approach to conservation planning that systematically identifies the highest priority biodiversity values and conservation areas that, combined, can achieve the most effective and efficient goals. These conservation areas can be any area, including private land, which can adequately protect biodiversity. Often, explicit targets are set for the conservation of particular biodiversity values or features, such as species, vegetation or wetland types.

Conservation planning generally involves the extensive use of data, such as species lists or vegetation types, and takes advantage of the power of computers to efficiently handle large amounts of information. Such systems are not used alone, but can compliment other approaches used by teams of people with expertise and knowledge of a region to help them plan the best course of action.

Systematic Conservation Planning and Southwest Australia

The scale of threat and the need to prioritise in order to effectively utilise precious financial and human resources are dual imperatives that drive large-scale conservation planning processes for areas of the size and complexity of the Southwest Australia Ecoregion.

Such approaches are not used in isolation; rather, they are used to help inform efficient, objective and defensible decisions made by teams of people with expertise and knowledge of the region.

The Southwest Australia Ecoregion Initiative is a consortium project - find out more about how we're achieving conservation through collaboration.

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A large number of agencies, organisations, individuals and community groups are conducting a wide variety of projects aimed at conserving the rich biodiversity of the SouthWest Australia Ecoregion...

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